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New indoor structure aiming at the ecosustainable sports usage.

Arcadia planned, designed, built and patented the covering system COVER ENERGY.
COVER ENERGY is the evolution of laminated wood arch covering.
The covering system COVER ENERGY includes different aspects: technical aspects, energy aspects, environmental aspects and last but not least it is cost-effective.
This is a new way of thinking about the development of global efficiency in sports structures.
The new covering system planned by Arcadia is the union of waterproofing, heat insulation and energy productivity.

Thanks to COVER ENERGY, the external membrane of the sports covering is not inactive anymore, that is to say it doesn’t play anymore just the role of the element that closes and waterproofs a space that needs to be heated, but it is productive because it offers the chance to produce electric energy using the total integration of a photovoltaic system that doesn’t modify the original curvature generated by the shape of supporting structure collocated below.

With the birth of COVER ENERGY, Arcadia gives a clear signal to the world of sports building industry.
When planning and building sports facilities we must take new features into consideration.
These aspects are: energy savings, environmental impact control and energy production which can be directly used by athletes.

Nowadays the global market, but in particular the sports sector, shows its need to achieve products with ever-increasing added value.
Together with the economic aspects, that should always be taken into consideration, the customer pays growing attention to features such as energy saving, the quality of materials, the guarantees and the chance to reach renewable energies.   


PANEL TYPE: amorphous silicon
PRODUCTION POTENTIAL: standard coverage 20*40 m with 20 Kw peak value (which could support the air conditioning system independently).
YEARLY PRODUCTION: 34,000 KWh per year

The COVER ENERGY sealing pack is composed as follows:

  • MATERIAL: PANELS MADE FROM WOOD, planking or OTHER MATERIAL, required to make up the first closure of the covering.
  • STEAM BARRIER: MEMBRANE based on modified bitumen with elastomeric polymers, reinforced with stabilized polyester non-woven fabric. The same will be equipped with a top polyethylene protection.
  • THERMAL INSULATING CUSHION: THERMAL INSULATING cushion coat consisting of high density, self-extinguishing, unfading CL1 foamed polyisocyanurate, manufactured in rolls and strips, 100 mm in thickness, paired on the outer surface with a polymer-bitumen membrane reinforced with polyester 3 mm thick.
  • Laying with the edges well close to one another and connection of the joints by tempering of the bituminous mixture via a propane gas flame nozzle.
  • WATERPROOF PACK: waterproof sealing MEMBRANE obtained by coextrusion of FPA (Flexible Polypropylene Alloy), 1.8 (or variable) in thickness, that is resistant ot UV rays and to weather agents and equipped with glass fiber reinforcement, manufactured under an ISO-9001 certified quality system.
  • SOLAN PANELS: FLEXIBLE LAMINATED SOLAR PANELS FROM AMORPHOUS SILICON. High production of electricity even at high temperature and low solar radiation. High-transparency ETFE polymer encapsulation resistant to UV rays and to weather agents.

The Cover Energy sealing pack ensures a better insulation compared to a standard laminated wood arch covering by considerably reducing overheating and the integrated photovoltaic generator is able to render the sports facility system energetically self-sufficient.